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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is the sheet music on PianoSongDownload.com safe to download?

Yes, all of the sheet music and resources on PianoSongDownload.com are safe to download. I am a piano teacher who simply wants others to experience the joy of playing the piano. I have composed and/or arranged all of the pieces on Piano Song Download to assure that visitors are not breaking any copyright laws or downloading any viruses.

I’m looking for free sheet music for popular songs. Will you add them to PianoSongDownload.com?

Popular songs are protected under copyright laws and require payment. It would be illegal for me to offer any sheet music that isn’t in the public domain, or hasn’t been composed or arranged by myself. I recommend visiting SheetMusicPlus.com for popular sheet music downloads. To learn how to play popular songs, I recommend Flowkey, an interactive tool for learning all types of songs.

Why are you giving away all of your sheet music for free?

I found that creating an e-commerce site required professional web designing skills (which I don’t have), and resulted in a lot of stress dealing with keeping financial transactions secure. Once I switched to an all-free website I was able to focus more on composing which is my true joy in life. Full disclosure: I earn advertising revenue when a visitor clicks on any of the ads on my site.

Do I need certain software to download your free sheet music?

Yes, you will need software that can open a PDF file. You can get free PDF software from Adobe here

I have a student entering a festival or competition. Will the judges let me use sheet music from PianoSongDownload.com?

You will need to check the rules of the festival or competition regarding the use of downloaded music. If you would like me to send you a form authorizing use of my sheet music please use the contact form and include the following information:

1. Name of organization and event

2. Student’s full name

3. Name of piece your student will be performing
4. Date you need the form completed by

What is a Lead Sheet?

A lead sheet is a simplified piece of music which typically includes only the melody, chord symbols and sometimes lyrics. The typical way to perform a lead sheet is to play the melody with your right hand and the chords with the left hand. Many performers improvise by adding harmony notes in either hand to make the piece sound like a standard piece of sheet music. Lead sheets are often found in collections called “Fake Books”. They are called “fake” because performers are often able to fool the audience into thinking they have the full piece of music in front of them when they are really only looking at the melody and chord symbols.

How can I be notified when you add new sheet music?

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